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Welcome to BCX Markham-Vaughan Chapter, a dynamic and well attended breakfast meeting group. The meetings aren't just fun, they are downright exciting and full of the energy and camaraderie that networking is supposed to be all about.

Join our group! We're always looking for exciting small business owners to network with -- make new contacts, get connected, and have fun!

Canada’s Law On Spam And Other Electronic Threats

        The scariest anti-spam law in the world. Fines are big. Are You Ready?   In collaboration with The School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario and Devry Smith Frank LLP, AcceleratorU is pleased to host a CASL 101 online session that will teach you what you need to…

Network And Learn About Video Marketing

When engaging and finding a deeper connection with the client, videos are an amplified platform in addressing the needs of those you have set out to reach. Reap the benefits of using video in your social media strategy: Cisco Systems recently predicted that the number of online video consumers will…


Double Taps in the electrical service panel

A double tap is when two circuits ( wires ) are hooked up to one breaker. Most breaker terminals are designed to take one circuit or wire. A double tap is a safety hazard. Overheating of the circuit is possible and if one of the wires is not properly fastened there could…

How to get business with your website

A few years back, it would have sounded ridiculous if someone say that they are going to start a global business by sitting in his home. But, thanks to the development and revolution of web technology, it has become a reality now. So, this article will tell you how to…